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Zeta Pi Lambda

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"But be ye doers of the word and not hearers only deceiving your own selves." -James 1:22
Becoming a Member
  To become a member of Zeta Pi Lambda, you have to be a saved Christian man willing to undergo a serious semester of an uplifting and rebuilding spiritual pledge process. 

Zeta Pi Lambda is a fraternity on the campus of East Central University in Ada Ok. It presents Christian men the opportunity to be challenged physically mentally, and most of all, spiritually. It is the latter that is the most important to me and all other of the brothers involved with the fraternity.
We are the only Christian fraternity on campus, yet we are still a fraternity. We involve our selves with the time tested elements of traditional fraternities, meaning we promote unity and brotherhood. But as many have heard or seen about the tactics used by other fraternities, we use a Christian based element. Behind every tactic is a meaning that only Zeta Pi’s understand and know is pure and true to God. I won’t kid you, the things that the pledges go through is not easy, but believe me, there are three things that most get out of pledging when they are allowed to wear the letters in the end.

One of them being Christian brotherhood, I have spent time at the BSU and UCM on campus and understand the environment that they can give to a person who is looking to serve God on campus. I am in no way knocking them, but I can tell you that no man can get the same brotherhood out of them as you can from Zeta Pi Lambda. Brotherhood is defined as a whole body of persons in a given field. We give Christian men a whole body of persons to rely upon and talk to whenever and whereever they need. They have gone through the same elements that all other Zeta Pi’s in the past have gone through. That commonality sets us apart from other Christian entities on campus.

I can not go into the BSU today and talk to some one out of the blue about my problems, but give me an active member of Zeta Pi or some old alumni and we can talk for hours about my life and problems. No questions asked about who I am and what the heck I am doing with a bunch of kids. Sure I might get talked to at the BSU, but will that same person be there next time. Zeta Pi’s are always going to be there for me.

Many young men that pledge, are born leaders. They are ready to take charge and put in place their own teachings and understanding of life. More often than not, they have had little experience of following. Now this is kind of strange, right, learning to how follow from a Christian fraternity. Well I have to say that it is what I got out of my experience. I will not go into detail about how this transpires, but I can tell you many people are reluctant to follow. If this were not true, then we would have an all Christian population in this country. There would be no need other than to worship God and wait for our saviors return. We are all sheep and we tend to step away from the herd. It is hard following Christ’s example, but we strive to do that in Zeta Pi Lambda.

The last and in my opinion, the most important, is spiritual growth. There is not a single member that I know of that does not consider the pledging process their spring board into a deeper love and understanding of the Lord.
Some things that we address the pledges to do is
attending church every time the doors are open, study hall, fraternity Bible studies, campus and community volunteer projects, and you have to memorize Bible verses.

The pledge process helps develop you into a Christian man that can walk into the world and tell anyone about Christ without stammering through your words. The process most importantly brings you and Christ closer than you ever imagined possible.


Up coming events:

 Monday Night Bible study for anybody!!!
Location: Zeta Pi Lounge ( far east doors of Pesagi Dorms)
Time:  7:00 P.M.  Be There!!!!!!!!



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